Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Assignment 1: 5 Inspiring Images

The above image is from one of my favourite films, 2001: A Space Odyssey. The entire film is full of beautiful shots, however I chose to show this one because it sums up the movie as a whole. The film is all about evolution and how mankind uses tools to evolve and adapt. This particular shot shows an early man discovering a tool, the bone, for the first time. The reason I find this shot so inspiring is because the simple action of a 'caveman' smashing animal skulls with a bone is used to convey such a powerful message.

This was a promotional image for season six of The Sopranos. The Sopranos is a show with a very complex main character, Tony Soprano, who has trouble dealing with the two sides of his life; being a good father and husband for his family, and his job as the boss of the New Jersey mafia. The reason I chose this image is because it's able to beautifully balance several complex aspects of Tony Soprano's life. It shows his isolation from everyone in his work and family life, the way his back is turned to them helps to show how he's a very closed person. Another interesting aspect of this image is how the reflection of his psychiatrist is shown in the window, representing how she's witnessing his life without really being a part of it.

The above illustration was done by Mary Blair for Disney's 'Sleepy Hollow'. The reason I chose this image is because I greatly admire Mary Blair's art and sense of style. I love this painting specifically because of how she's framed the rider in the trees, making a beautiful focal point. I also love how she only chose to show the silhouettes and highlights, providing the perfect atmosphere. The monochromatic colour scheme also adds to the overall mood of the piece.

The above image is by Dreamworks Animation visual development artist, Lindsey Olivares, another artist I greatly admire. She has a very unique style that has been an influence in my own designs. She has a knack for depicting certain moods in a nostalgic way. When I look at this image I can feel the cozy atmosphere that she has created through her use of lighting, compostion, and posing.

This last image is a colour key done by Lou Romano for the 'Up' colour script. Lou Romano is a genius with composition and colour which he combines to create very specific moods. I chose this piece because I love how he's shown that there's somebody who should be sitting in the empty chair and that the man in the other chair, Carl, misses them. The look on Carl's face combined with the lighting and colours of the room show his loneliness. The most impressive aspect of this image is how simply Lou Romano has conveyed this story.

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  1. GAH!!! that mary blair picture is SO RAD! best Disney designer and one of my favourite disney animations! ALL IN ONE!